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From New Updates:Toukir Ahmed

Toukir Ahmed's Review:

I am Toukir Ahmed and back from a long time.Now I am In Fewlance. This is an IT firm and we have an opportunity to working All kind of like as web design, SEO, web development project done by our qualify employee.We have also an opportunity to makes our goals.I am as a Project Manager.I manage in SEO Department.It is so comfortable and competitive sections.
We take world challenge to rank websites on google.We have an opportunity to competition with our competitors.We also make SEO and Mobile Friendly Web pages.We also development websites.We have creative Web Developer and also WordPress, Joomla Developer.They are most of the talent and they have scope to makes any premium works.We are professional not as a freelancer.We are creative, not only talent.
By they way, I am very proud to be a member in Fewlance.

About  Toukir Ahmed Avocation:

I am not only a Search Engine Optimizer. I am also a web Designer and Web developer.I have the capability to create premium themes for WordPress.I capability to design Mobile and SEO friendly Websites for your Company, Blogs, Forma etc. Mainly I use Bootstrap CSS framework.
Now I am as a Project Manager on Fewlance. First time I work as a Freelancer.Then I work as a local marketplace and international Marketplace like Upwork, Freelancer.In 2015 I Freelancer's a Junior Executive.For my creative mind and see my curiosity mind about technology my company gives me protestation as a project Manager.I hope I am successful in my position.I think My company gives me that opportunity to successful.If I successful than my company will also be successful.

Toukir Ahmed's Lifestyle:

My lifestyle is very Simple.Just want to live.To have some dream to growing up.That means I have some aim in my life.Live with family.Live with Religious Mind.I don't  want to have a bad reputation. think that people like Me as a friend.want to live with human beings.Help poor people.I have some hobbies I don't know ever I fill those.I have a family. I want to see a smile in every family member.For those, I hard to try. 

Toukir Ahmed's Target:

Target means those of my aim, My dreams. I want to be as a programmer.1st I want as an Android Apps developer.But unfortunately undone.I don't know anytime my dreams is successful.But hope to do it. Now My target is to be Marketer.So learn SEO hardly.

Toukir Ahmed's Successful ratio:

Now I am 20 but only some thinks that i made done.There are nothing any targeted thinks that i done successfully.

More coming soon.......


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12 Street West Victoria 1234 Australia

Phone number

+(12) 3456 789