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About Toukir Ahmed

Toukir Ahmed
I am Toukir Ahmed.I am a Web designer And Web developer.Little bit Known SEO. Now I tell Something About Myself:
In 2012 I completed secondary School Certificate (SSC) From a Local High School Which Name Is Bara Bari Boyz Uddin High School. I Have a dream to be a Computer Engineering. I am very interest in computer related Subject. So that Admitted in Rangpur polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Computer Department.
When I admitted to My College I fetch Some problem, In our Country, there was some traditional problem The teachers and our Educational management has a lot of problems they premature us only for theory knowledge, there has not value practical Knowledge.They Teach Us only for Exam not For Know something. So that I decided to Know something by personal.
I Admitted to a computer training center for Learn Web development.But There has Many Of problem.Then I take a suggestion from some Elder Brother to learn Web Development.
Then I learn From Google And YouTube. 
SSC: 2012 
Diploma In Engineering: 2017 In CSE.
My Dreams:
My Dreams as a successful Web Developer.
My Hobbies:
traveling, Play Game, Know Something New and different thing.

Toukir Ahmed

More Coming Soon...........


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12 Street West Victoria 1234 Australia

Phone number

+(12) 3456 789